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The Dropped Stitch


October 2022 Edition

Welcome to our October edition of the The Dropped Stitch Newsletter - Why Knot! 

Each month join us to see whats new on our studio & website -

2022 Advent Adventure

December 1st begins our 2022 Advent Adventure. Grab a cup of Christmas cheer and join me for the daily revel. I'm hoping that all those participating will enjoy the KAL either together during December or later when all the celebrating comes to an end. Either way I just want to welcome everyone participating in the 2022 Advent Adventure. If your interested in joining us, contact me as I can put together a box for you to enjoy :)

Arrowhead Shawl Kits

Arrowhead Shawl Kits are now available for purchase. It is a fun shawl that knits up quickly. Contact me for details :)

Bits & Bobs Scrappy Scarf Kits

Bits & Bobs Kits are still available for purchase. Contact me for details. This is a fun scarf that is sure to start a fun conversation and lots of laughs. It is an enjoyable scrappy kit that is put together for you to dive in right away.

Bleep's Knitting Minions' Video Library & The Dropped Stitch Workshop Video Series 

Join us for this fun knitting experience with your Bleep's Knitting Minions Club membership for only $5 a month. Knitters will have access to all Mini Pattern Clips highlighting knitting elements for each  Gilbert Design Patterns. New password provided each month. Patterns are sold separately in our Online Store or on Ravelry. If an issue with a skill or stitch is not addressed, we will make a custom video addressing each question.

Membership Includes

  • All access to Deep Dive Patterns videos  for Gilbert Designs & other classes offered
  • 1  free FaceTime or zoom help sessions each month
  • Birthday surprise - members receive a surprise during the month of their birthday
  • New pattern preview for members
  • Exclusive project bag


The Dropped Stitch Workshop Video Series - a full instruction video series. This program allows knitters to schedule a workshop and knit at their pace. Prices for each workshop are based on number of sessions. 

One session workshop $20

Two session workshop $30

Three session workshop $40

A new video link will be emailed each week.

A zoom or FaceTime help session $5

Group zoom help sessions are available upon request. I am committed to helping each knitter enrolled in a workshop and will help you along the way achieve success . 

~ My success is your success

Coming Soon

  • Green River Hat - 2 sessions $30
  • Bits & Bobs - scrappy socks - 3 sessions $40
  • Sea to Shining Sea - 3 sessions $40 
  • Fair Isle Earflap Hat - 3 sessions $40

Basic Stitch Clips

 This page is designed to be a reference for beginning knitters or a refresher for any knitter that needs help with a stitch or technique. Please reach out to us for any specific video clips needed. Remember your success is my success! This service is free. Push the button for desired technique, and a linked YouTube video will pop up. I’d love feedback on how you like this service.

In Person Workshops

Each workshop is designed to fit in with the knitter's schedule. We offer a private, semi-private or video workshops. Check out our Let's Get Started page for options and fees. 

Feel free to text me today to set up your Workshop 303.905.5418

  • Pick your project
  • Select your yarn
  • Choose your formate and get started on your knitting adventure

Bits & Bobs Blog

This page is designed to build our knitting community. I encourage comments and suggestions on this interactive platform. Think of the blog to be our knitting table. Check it out and leave a comment.

Kit's and Notions

The Dropped Stitch Studio carries Knitter's Pride and ChicaGoo Needles. We special order needles and sets as needed. Let us know how we can help. [email protected]

Field of Dreams Shawl Kit- $42 - includes free shipping

Kit includes pattern and one fingering weight skein of Big Sky Yarns. Beautifully hand dyed that will look incredible in my Field of Dreams Shawl pattern. Look forward to a special surprise included in your kit. Visit our Online Store for yarn choices

Bits & Bobs Kit - $46/$82

We have two options for the kit. 

  • 20 - 5g mini bobbin skeins - Sock version Yarn - Ancient Arts Sockando base
  • 40 - 5g mini bobbin skeins - Scarf version Yarn - Ancient Arts Passion 8 base 
  • Each kit includes the bobbins and pattern to complete the project. Includes Shipping

Gnome Mini Skein Kits - $40

All kits are from Ancient Arts. Passion 8 base

  • 4 - 20g skeins
  • Contact us for color way choices. 
  • Includes Shipping
September Yarn Box - $48 - Includes shipping

2022 Advent Adventure Yarn Box - $135 - Includes shipping